Madeira Island


The archipelago, located in the Atlantic Ocean, about more or less 1000km from mainland Portugal, is composed of the island of Madeira and Porto Santo Island, better known as the Golden Island, by the Deserted Islands Nature Reserve.

It has an amazing climate where temperatures always seem to be spring, dubbed the "Pearl of the Atlantic" or "Garden of the Atlantic." It is a tourist destination throughout the year.

The laurel forest, classified by UNESCO as World Natural Heritage site and one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal, offers unforgettable views, and walking tour on the famous "levadas" and that today is the best way of knowing this island's natural heritage.


› Flower Festival

The city of Funchal is the stage for a sumptuous spectacle. Thousands of children participate in a Children's Parade, each with a flower to place at the mural called "Wall of Hope", located in Town Hall Square.

Sunday brings the Grand Flower Parade, which is a parade that hundreds of participants show all flowers grown on the island.

› Carnival

The Carnival of Madeira, which are expressed on the Grand Parade that takes place on Saturday. Involving several groups, with thousands of extras, which flood the main streets of Funchal with music and lots of colour. Amazing creativity and imaginative, are represented in the Fun Parade on Tuesday.

› Madeira Wine Rally

The Rali Vinho Madeira is an important car race and the largest automobile event in the region. Thousands of people fill various points of the hills looking for the best place to observe the passing cars.

› Wine Festival

This festival is a tribute to old habits of the population of Madeira, from the beginning of settlement of the island, around the production of this precious nectar, the wine. At the heart of Funchal are several shows regarding the wine-making.

› End of year

The traditions of the Christmas season, is a rich and extensive program of cultural, ethnographic and artistic events, beginning in November, with the illuminations in the streets of central Funchal, and cover the entire month of December and lasts until Three Kings Day in January. At midnight on December 31, the skies are lit up with fireworks.

› Golf

The Madeira Island Golf Open is in the European calendar, which meets annually, the best practitioners of the sport that hole by hole, try to win. The last two days of each round are always just played by the best seventy players, established in the first two days of the tournament.

› Atlantic Festival

Start the summer season in Madeira during the month of June, and to highlight the Festival of Fire, Fireworks and entertainment in downtown Funchal. Are pyromusical shows and posing several international companies competing for a trophy awarded by public vote.